14958 Doll Stroller


Barcode: 5905515354349

14958 Doll Stroller

The pushchair is the perfect toy for girls who want to take care of their dolls. Fashionable color and graphics will encourage you to play. Now, when going for a walk, she can take a stroller and a doll. Play will develop empathy in the child and teach responsibility. It will diversify playing at home, thanks to which every girl can feel like a mother and spend time with her doll. Playing role plays will have a positive effect, teaches the rules of interpersonal communication and playing various roles. It is also a fantastic help improving motor coordination and motor skills.

The trolley is equipped with four wheels that allow it to be easily moved even on uneven surfaces. Gray color with white stars, pink trim will encourage the girl to play. Under the seat there is a small compartment for small things and those needed for the doll and for your child. An additional advantage is that it is foldable, it will easily fit in the car and you can take it on a family trip together.


Stroller dimensions:

length 50 cm

width 34 cm

height 57 cmseat depth 23 cm

circle diameter: 12 cm

wheelbase: 30 cm

handle length: 24 cm

height from the ground to the handle: 52 cm

height from the ground to the seat: 25 cm


Size of the package:

51cm x 28cm x 13cm