14959 Doll Stroller 2-in-1


Barcode: 5905515354356

14959 Doll Stroller 2-in-1

The pram pram is the ideal toy for girls who want to look after their dolls. The trendy colour and graphics will encourage play. It will add variety to playing house, so every girl can feel like a mummy and spend time with her doll. It will awaken caring and concern and positively influence the child's development. She will teach the principles of interpersonal communication, empathy and responsibility for another being. Now when going out for a walk, she can take a pram and a doll.

The pram with bag has a pink colour with a floral motif, gives a lot of charm. The design resembles the real counterpart, which adds realism. The structure is made of solid and sturdy silver-coloured aluminium tubes, which are connected by black plastic connectors. The use of high-quality plastic for the trolley is responsible for the comfort and convenience of the toy, which, combined with the location of the trolley on four narrow wheels, increases the ease of driving and manoeuvring the trolley.

An ideal addition to playtime at home. Together with their peers they can enjoy their free time. A doll of approximately 40 cm will fit into the pram. Every caring and attentive mummy will be able to enjoy spending time with her doll. The Velcro-fastened bag and basket under the pushchair make it easy to store and transport items needed during play, such as baby clothes or a bottle. An additional carrier will enable the doll to be carried from place to place.

The best thing about the pushchair is that it has a 2-in-1 function: it can be used as a normal pushchair or a pushchair. There are many possibilities. The pushchair also has straps so that the doll does not fall out of the pushchair. Instructions for changing and folding the pushchair are included.

The model has three-point straps, seat adjustment orz height adjustment of the pushchair handle.

Set elements:

- bag for the pushchair

- pushchair

- mattress

- carrier

- user manual

Dimensions of the pushchair

length 48 cm

width 35 cm

height 64 cm

wheel diameter: 15 cm

wheel base: 32cn

length of handle: 28 cm

height from the ground to the handle: 64 cm

height of canopy: 28 cm

height to pram: 34 cm

carrier: 38 cm x 24 cm

bag: 22 cm x 18 cm

Package dimensions:

46 cm x 37 cm x 15 cm