0012 Battery 12 volts 12 amp


Barcode: RM12V0012

0012 Battery 12 volts - 12 amp
Remco Battery

Give your child the gift of non-stop fun with an extra rechargeable battery! Kids want to keep riding their Peg-Prego battery-powered ride-ons. So when they've used up all the charge in the first battery, exchange it for this extra fully charged 12 Volt Battery, and away they go!

  • Wired to produce 12 volts
  • Rechargeable battery, tested for "cycle life"
  • Preselected for efficiency with Peg-Prego vehicles
  • Provides hours of playtime for young riders

The duration of the battery charge is estimated to be between 60mins & 90mins depending on the type of vehicle, the weight of the child and the condition of the ground. After that, it would need to be recharged with the appropriate charger.

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