0942 Math Skills With Beads

Creative Educational

Barcode: 890187000312

0942 Math Skills With Beads


Learning Number Skills, Adding and Subtracting.

Perfect for pre-number and number skills.

The series has been developed to build strong foundation in Mathematics,

starting with pre-number skills and then moving to number skills.

Learning Objectives:

Pre-Number skills - Classification, one-to-one correspondence, patterns, ordering.

Number skills - numbers 0 - 10, number relationships, sequencing.

Addition and subtraction.

Preparing for multiplication.

Stringing and fine motor skills.


Contents:  64 Colour Beads in four colours and four shapes,  4 Thick Laces, 28 Number and symbol tiles.


Age Group
4 years +

 Detailed instructions for different activities are included with this pack.

Mathematics can be fun when children play with Creative's Math products, designed specially to promote understanding of basic mathematical concepts.

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