1040 Learn to Draw 3

Creative Educational

Barcode: 890187000635

1040 Learn to draw 3 Step-By-Step

Dinosaurs and Sea Animals

A Complete kit to Develop Creativity & Coordination of Eye-Hand Movements!

Learning Objectives
Enhance Creativity;
Fine Motor Control;
Develop Thinking Skills;
Social and Emotional Development.

1. Activity/Drawing book
Open any page of the Book, Draw any given Animal/Dinosaur, with the help of the steps given Above;
Add the Background;
Colour your Drawing;
Continue Drawing and Colouring other pages too.

2. Drawing board
Take any picture of an Animal, Bird, Fruit, Vegetable etc. And draw it with the given marker pen, Step-By-Step, On the Grid side of the board;
Colour the Drawing with the help of Sketch Pens/Colours;
Take a tracing paper, put it on the grid and trace the drawing which you made;
After having some practice, turn the board and make drawings without the help of grid.

1 x Double Sided Drawing Board made of Superior quality non-toxic plastic;

20 x Blank Papers;
1 x Marker;
1 x Duster;
1 x set of Colours.
Activity Book;

Age Group 4 years +

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