6305 Baby Annabell - Alexander


Barcode: 4001167536940

6305 Baby Annabell - Alexander

Alexander with the soft body accompanies little doll mums and papas with life-like functions through the day with a baby.

Alexander laughs so much when you tickle him on his stomach, that he has to pup every now and then.

Alexander is a real bottle child and sucks with mouth movements and drinking sounds on his blue bottle. If it can't go fast enough with feeding, then even real doll tears flow and Alexander cries warming.

But it can be quickly calmed down by all kinds of activities. He prefers to play hop hop riders and laughs cheerfully.

If he puts his dummy in his mouth and with mouth movements he soundly nuckles on it, then it is usually time for the bed.

Then it will go forward, backward, sideways to sleep. It is extensive, closes the sleeping eyes and snoozes with deep breaths.