1174 Fiat 500 w/Remote

Peg Perego

Barcode: 8005475371008

1174 Fiat 500 w/Remote

FIAT500 6V Remote Control Pink, ELECTRIC CAR VEHICLE in pink color for the smallest driver - faithful copy of the legendary Fiat 500. The large space inside the car ensures that the child enjoys it even if it is older. Designed to the smallest detail just like the real Fiat 500! 

The body with raised hips and safety two-point belt protects your baby. Running wheels with sample improve adhesion. The horn has a real sound of the Fiat 500 horn. The rear view mirror, dashboard, radiator, front shield, door handle and many chrome details - all add style and elegance to the car. The storage compartment can be used to store the remote control. Under the hood is a copy of the engine, which is divided into 3 parts for your child's play.

It also includes remote control via the transmitter, which means that your little child's ride is easier. You can drive a car and take your baby without worrying about a walk, or help him when he learns to drive. It is equipped with electronic control, which is an advantage for a small driver. In independent driving mode, driving is also easy. When the accelerator pedal is pressed under the right foot, the vehicle will start, after the pedal is released, the vehicle automatically stops. The accelerator and the brake are in one pedal. Simple battery charging from the socket The 6V / 4.5 Ah battery is located under the seat. The battery can be charged from a standard electrical outlet directly in the vehicle, or after removing the battery from the vehicle. The battery and charger are part of the vehicle.