13408 Tamagotchi in Egg


Barcode: 5905323216334

Tamagotchi in Egg Game Electronic Pet Pink

Probably every parent is familiar with the iconic tamagotchi toy. This electronic egg with a small display has been winning the hearts of all children since the 1990s! Suspended from a ball-shaped keyring, the colourful egg with the electronic animal can be clipped to, for example, a trouser belt or backpack to protect it from being lost and more. This way, your child will always have it with them, which is very important. This interactive toy will be good training before having a pet of their own, as it will teach the child systematic care and responsibility.

What does playing with an electronic pet look like?

The game starts with an animation of an egg from which our pet slowly hatches. The carer has the task of feeding, entertaining, bathing and treating the chosen pet, as well as cleaning up after it so that it can grow happily - just like in real life. Systematic care will give the little one the chance to watch their virtual pet grow. Balance is important in this relationship - overprotection and neglect of the pet can cause unpleasant consequences, such as illness.

Due to its small size, your child can take it anywhere with them, the key ring next to the game will allow them to hang it on their backpack and look after it in their free time during school breaks.

Note: The Tamagotchi hides in a large orange egg, and inside is a small electronic pet that you will take care of!

Have fun with it!

Tamagotchi dimensions:

5 cm x 6 cm x 2 cm

Egg dimensions:

7 cm x 7 cm x 9 cm

Package dimensions:

10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm

The electronic egg is packaged in a colourful blister pack and activation requires two AG13 batteries, which are included. Due to its small size, this toy is suitable for children who have reached the age of 3.