1448 Dominoes


Barcode: 1818920150601

1448 Dominoes

Dominoes in a wooden box 

Dominoes is a game where you use tiles called stones. Each tile is divided into two square boxes with meshes marked.

The most popular version consists of 28 stones: all combinations of numbers from 0 to 6. The game is played by two, three or four people (for more players, sets with more pips are used).

The stones are turned with the eyes down and mixed. Then, the starting player is drawn at random - usually the player who draws the stone with the highest total. The drawn stones are returned to the pool and they are all mixed again. Players take stones, clockwise from the beginning, one stone at a time, or a certain number of stones at once (usually no more than seven), without showing them to the other players. The stones remaining on the table are called the "coupon". The beginner places any stone, and the rest add their stones one by one according to the established rules.