1452 Dressing Table


Barcode: 5905884457184

Dressing Table Light and Sounds Stool Mp3 Input Magic

If your daughter is a makeup lover, it will be the perfect gift for her. The door in the dressing table opens with a wand. A dressing table with opening doors will beautifully decorate the little princess' room. A large dressing table with sounds, lights and the possibility of connecting MP3, a real working dryer and a hologram on the mirror.

The dressing table has a lot of elements:

- comb
- bottles with "perfumes"
- a dryer
- beads, many other accessories for a little hipster
- a wand

Mirrors are opened with a magic wand. Music plays and lights flash when opening. While the child is not using the dressing table, the mirrors close automatically after about 3 minutes. Possibility to connect an MP3 player. The dryer is battery operated. A magic wand and a light above the mirror.

Dressing table dimensions:

- height: 74 cm
- width: approximately 46 cm
- depth: 30 cm
- stool height: 24 cm

Size of the package:

72 cm x 56 cm x 7 cm