15813 Water Beads DIY Jewelry Making Kit


Barcode: 5905679073490

15813 Water Beads DIY Jewelry Making Kit

Water Beads DIY Jewelry Making Kit Colors

Colorful water beads are a great idea for creative fun - they keep you busy for many hours and unleash an absolute volcano of creative ideas.

The set develops creativity - children themselves create new patterns, arrangements, choose colors - the possibilities of creation are endless,
Motor skills - when children grab a bead with their fingers or tweezers and place it on the pad, they improve their hand dexterity and, in addition, repeat this action many times,
Concentration - the creation process requires focused attention,
Perceptiveness - children look for the appropriate colors needed for a given arrangement,
Perseverance and patience - to get the result you have to work hard, sometimes the bead escapes from your finger, sometimes it falls over, etc.


This is a toy you can design and build yourself. The set consists of many colorful plastic beads and allows you to build anything your child can imagine.

A toy that will turn a child into a little architect, stimulate the imagination and help develop manual skills. This great set will provide every child with lots of fun.

Water beads are colorful balls that can be freely combined to create new shapes, characters, figures and objects. The beads increase their grip with a little water.
You can decorate a room with ready-made beads, make a key ring or pendant out of them, or create paintings. The mini instructions included in the set contain sample, universal patterns to arrange. The packaging can also serve as inspiration for subsequent puzzles.

How to use ?

Arrange the beads on the base in a pattern of your choice,
When the system is ready, spray it with water from a distance of approx. 10 cm,
Remember - without the right amount of water - the beads will not stick together enough,
You can tilt the pad and in case of excess water - absorb it, e.g. with a paper towel,
Wait until the beads come together - set them aside for at least an hour,
Until the beads are completely dry, try not to touch them.
Gently remove the puzzle from the base and you're done.


Set contents:

- Beads in 8 colors
- Square and hexagonal washer
- 1 tweezers
- 1 applicator
- 1 sprinkler
- Accessories for making jewelry - headband and colorful strings
- A book with sample patterns
- Original packaging


Size of the package :

18 cm x 22 cm x 4 cm


It is CE certified and complies with the EN71 standard. The toy is intended for children over 5 years of age.