16627 Rainbow Spring Glitter Star


Barcode: 5905884452134

Iconic Rainbow Spring Glitter Star Calming Gadget 6CM

We present the iconic spring in a rainbow color. This exceptionally flexible and fun spring is sure to delight both small children and adults. The possibilities of playing with this multi-colored toy are endless, and its glitter decoration gives it a unique charm.

The spring measures 6cm when folded, making it the perfect size to hold in your hand. It's a great toy that allows for creative exploration and provides lots of entertainment.

Its main advantages are not only size and color. It is incredibly flexible, which allows for various forms of play. It's not just a toy, it's also a gadget that can provide entertainment and help reduce stress while working or studying.

This iconic spring is not only a toy, but also a symbol of fun and childhood.

The iconic spring is a unique toy that brings lots of smiles and joy to both children and adults. So don't delay, order it now and give your child a chance to discover unlimited fun possibilities!

Size of the package:

8cm x 8cm x 7cm

It is CE certified and complies with the EN71 standard. Intended for children over 3 years of age.