182 Diavolo Max 9 in 1


Barcode: 8410964001821

182 Diavolo Max 9 in 1 

9 Toys in 1 makes this toy so perfect for the child and the parent.

  1. Rocker with parent handle
  2. Walking along with push rod, seat belt and safety arch
  3. Walking along with seat belt
  4. Removable steering wheel
  5. Rocker
  6. Activity steering wheel with electronic sounds
  7. Pushtoy
  8. Push along
  9. Pushtoy with safety arch

The foot rest can be folded up when toy is transformed into a push toy walker.
The front wheel swivels 360 degrees to make it easier for child and parent.
The seat belt included must always be worn by children when the safety arch is not fitted in place.
The steering wheel plays sounds and music by means of batteries (not included).
The steering wheel can be taken away from the Diavolo for separate play sessions.

Age Group: 10 months & Up

Box size:              62 x 40 x 39 cm
Assembled Size:     63 x 35 x 97 cm


There is nothing more precious for a parent than the safety and well being of a child.