2031-01 Qwikflip 6 in 1 Activity Center

Grow'n Up

Barcode: 833186004841

2031-01 Qwikflip 6 in 1 Activity Center

Slide, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer and Golf.

Active Play is an essential part of young children’s lives since it is crucial to the development of children’s growth and fine motor skills. Through play, children practice and perfect control and coordination of large body movements, as well as small movements of hands and fingers. The Qwikflip 6-in-1 Activity Center is a foldable play gym that can encourage young children’s motor development by offering variety of interesting plays with regular opportunities to move their bodies. Specific activities that support gross motor development include climbing up to the slide, pitching ball, T-ball hitting, basketball shooting, crawling tunnel, Fine motor skills that involve the careful control of small muscle in the hands, feet fingers include fitting the ball to the T-ball holder, hitting golf ball, attaching the golf club and baseball bat to the center. The folding design ensures the activity center is a great space-saver and always good to have around in most family. Children can have active times indoor even when the weather is bad and children can’t get out playing. The challenge of designing the 6-in-1 is combining all 6 play features and foldable structure together in one unit which is fun and safe for children. 

Product Dimension: Basketball Mode: L32” x W27.6” x H47.4”
                                  Slide Mode: L41.1” x W27.56” x H24.9”

Age Group : 2 years +