20339 Minnie Playhouse


Barcode: 841096420339

20339 Minnie Mouse Playhouse.

This Minnie Playhouse will give a great feeling for your children and their friends, who will always want to play in it.
The house provides a new world full of magic where you can create your own adventures.

It has a window and a door that opens to let them in and out.

Measurements : 100cm x 95cm x 121cm

Ages: 2 years and up 

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For that reason, INJUSA makes sure that all their products conform to the strictest safety and quality tests, thereby guaranteeing that children who use their products are fully protected against hazards at all times, as if they were safety protected in their parents' arms.

The skills and craftmanship of their human resources team, plus the use of state-of-the-art technology are combined to offer all customers a complete range of quality products for children.

INJUSA commits itself to satisfy and protect its most important customers - none other than the children themselves.

All safety measurements were taken into consideration when this product was manufactured.