2750 Fairy Memo Board


Barcode: 489315602750


2750 My Very Own Fairy Memo Board

Create a lovely memo board to place in your bedroom.  Post your photos, memos etc. onto it.  It makes a lovely room decoration.

Girls love creating their own ideas for decorating their bedrooms.  This kit contains instructions and accessories for doing so. These are Fairy Activities young girls never want to miss.

The fun is unlimited.

Lots of ideas are included and you can add your own imagination.

Included in this set:
A piece of pink cloth; cardboard; foam sheet; colouredelastic bands; ribbon; pink silk cloth; silk flowers; pipecleaner; yarn, and much more.

Included also:
A detailed instruction booklet.

Age Group: 8 Years & Up

This is another product made by 4M in the Arts & Crafts Series.