31805 Pegs in Carry Case


Barcode: 841308231805


 31805 Pegs in Carry Case 160 Pcs.

The contents inside; 
1 Beautifully designed Cardboard Carry Case with Handle;
160 Pieces of Pegs 15mm diameter in 4 different colors (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green);

6 Coloured designs easy to follow;
Working platform with 1768 holes for Pegs 

This toy conbtributes to eye-hand coordination. It is an appropriate resource to carry out the first exercises of simple rules such as arrange serially the colours, shapes, classification etc.

Miniland Educational offers a variety of toys that are approved by profesional educators and parents. The products meet the standards of the European Union to be used in nurseries, schools and special education centers. Miniland Educational is dedicated to the production of learning toys that can be successfully used by both parents and teachers. 

Age Group:  3 years +