3790 Wooden Kitchen


Barcode: 5902808157755

3790 Wooden Kitchen

Wooden toys have returned to favor. They are the best choice for all those who focus on  ecological and safe play . A children's kitchen set with accessories will encourage every young child to take up pleasant, developing fun, which can be carried out in many ways - its scenarios are limited only by the  safety and imagination of the  toddler or caregivers. Let your child prepare creative dishes according to their own ideas, using  safe imitations of kitchen utensils .

The  set  includes:

- wooden kitchen 

- burners

- sink,

- wooden kitchen accessories x 3,

- handset

If you are wondering what advantages the presented kitchen has, just pay attention to its design. The design of the set  refers to the full-size kitchen that a toddler knows from his home. Drawings resembling classic kitchen equipment will only develop the colorful imagination of the child. What's more - this cooker has an  opening microwave , oven and a cupboard with shelves in which the young cook can store his accessories and imitations of food products.

There is a gray sink  made of high-quality plastic on the kitchen counter  . Right next to it is a wooden faucet with rotating knobs and a  double cooktop.

A wooden children's kitchen is a  fantastic gift idea . It looks great in every room or playroom, allowing your toddler to cook together with his best friend. What's more - this game greatly  influences the child's development . Develops imagination, facilitates role-play, has a positive effect on the toddler's manual skills and coordination. The ability to open and close the door will  allow a few-year-old to develop their motor skills  and the reflex of grasping objects of various shapes.

A children's cooker, in line with the manufacturer's recommendations, is intended for all cooks over  3 years of age . The construction of the kitchen is characterized by durability and high quality, which is due to the use of wood in its production. The design of the set is very well thought out, which can be seen when looking at the  elements used for turning,  pressing or opening . The white kitchen with accessories is packed in an original cardboard box with instructions that facilitate self-assembly of the toy.

Dimensions of the  kitchen  and  elements of the  set:

- kitchen height: 104 cm,

- height to the top: 54 cm,

- kitchen width: 70 cm,

- kitchen depth: 34 cm,