41378 Dolphin's Rescue Mission


Barcode: 5702016370218

41378 Dolphin's Rescue Mission

Features a toy submarine with a viewing sphere with a windscreen, an underwater scooter, shipwreck with hinged mast and a treasure island

Restaurant features a pizza oven, reception, balcony dining area, kitchen, WC, dumpster and outside seating area

Accessory elements include a water-reactive textile treasure map, two diving helmets, coral and sea creature elements and treasure chest gems

Even more accessories include: Fins, a baby bottle, a ball, syringe and two wigs, plus a grabbing tool to lift the hinged shipwreck's mast

Combine with other LEGO friends animal rescue toys: 41376 turtles rescue mission, 41380 lighthouse rescue center and 41381 rescue mission boat