41386 Stephanie's Summer Heart Box


Barcode: 5702016419856

41386 Stephanie's Summer Heart Box

This pool set features a buildable box in Stephanie's colours with a decorated name tile, plus a stall with falling-can function

Inside the box is a blue tiled base, resembling the sea so your kid can take Stephanie for a cool dip after the excitement of the fair

LEGO heart box includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure, plus accessory elements: A dog balloon and a water gun with shooting function

Easy build means the play starts right away, kids can imagine hanging out with Stephanie, then pack up everything and take it on the go

Kids can stack this LEGO heart box with more collectables: 41384 Andrea's, 41385 Emma's, 41387 Olivia's and 41388 Mia's summer heart boxes