5034 S.O.S. Station Rescue Service


Barcode: 5907625588911

5034 S.O.S. Station Rescue Service

Fire brigade base + accessories

A unique set with a Fire Brigade theme for a future fire tamer. The set consists of several  elements  - each of them is made of safe and high-quality material, thanks to which the time spent playing will be the best. Due to the small size of the mentioned parts, the toy is intended for children over 3 years of age. 

A set consisting  of fire engines and a base  will be a great fun for the toddler with siblings or parents. The set includes many interesting attractions waiting for a little firefighter. The lighting effects will further intensify the already great fun. On the roof there are three buttons with sirens and a flashing light.

Why is it worth choosing a toy  set of a small firefighter ? This set includes everything you need, plus it lights up, makes sounds and has a receiver.

The set is powered by batteries that were included in the set.

The kit for a small firefighter consists of :

- Fire station

- fire truck

- fire engine

 Fire brigade building dimensions  :

- 33 cm x 16 cm x 17 cm.