576761 Rainbow High Doll JETT Dawson


Barcode: 035051576761

576761 Rainbow High Doll JETT Dawson

RAINBOW HIGH FASHION MAJOR - Introducing the collector doll: Fashion major Jett Dawson. Jett comes in a limited edition packaging trunk with working accessories and stunning long hair. Add her to your collection and show her off on the doll stand

ALL THAT DESIGNER FASHION - Rainbow High Collector Doll Jett Dawson comes with 2 premium outfits. The first is a high fashion everyday outfit and the second is a red gown with stunning finishes. Each outfit is completed with the perfect pair of shoes

INCLUDES - Fully articulated & posable 28cm fashion doll, 2 unique outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 fashion trunks for storage, a mini sewing machine, a fabric wrapped rolling mannequin, a tape measurement scarf, a Hair Comb, 2x hangers, & a doll stand