600503 Dino's Delightful Day Book


Barcode: 3417766005007

600503 Dino's Delightful Day Book

Learning the ABCs is a great way to spend the day! Read about Dino's day while learning the alphabet in Dino's delightful day book

.Letters and words are woven into the story in alphabetical order with phonetic sounds to introduce ABCs to your little one through a charming tale.

Flip through the 16 interactive pages to hear the story read aloud, or enjoy musical play by jamming to a melody with fun sounds and musical notes.

Press the light-up button to hear letter names, letter sounds and words from the story.

Number buttons along Dino's back introduce counting and recognizing numbers from one to ten.

This complete story with beginning, middle and end exposes your child to early reading skills. It's a great day, from a to Z! 2AA batteries are included for demo purposes, replace new batteries for regular use.

Age :  12 months - 3 years