602700 Number Crunching Squirrel


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Barcode: 3417766027009

602700 Number Crunching Squirrel

Feed up to 10 coins to your hungry squirrel friend to explore counting, colours, food names and early maths concepts.

Pull down his tail to launch out coins and empty the bank. Press his light-up nose and the squirrel will ask questions to practise colours, listening and early maths skills.

Snack on early maths concepts, colours and fruit names by feeding the adorable squirrel colourful treats!

10 squirrel treats include four green apples, three yellow bananas, two red strawberries and one purple grape treat for the squirrel to snack on!

Launch the squirrel treats by pulling down on the tail lever to start the fun all over again!

Press the squirrel’s light-up nose button to hear a variety of questions. Answer each one by feeding him the correct squirrel treat!

Age :  2 years +