67609 Kitchen Set Master


Barcode: 4810344067609

67609 Kitchen Set Master

Well-equipped game complex "Master Chef" is made in red and white.

The kitchen worktop is multifunctional - has two zones: for cooking and for washing dishes. 

An imitation hood is fixed on the top of the set, which makes the game complex more realistic; hooks for devices are located right there. 

For the convenience of placing the elements of the set, its design has many shelves and niches. 

In addition, the complex has a built-in imitation coffee machine. 

The lower part is supplemented with an oven, a refrigerator, as well as cabinets for storing food.

 In order to make the game with the set interesting and realistic, the set includes dishes: - pan - pan - cup - salt shaker - 2 saucers - 2 cups - rolling pin - spoon - fork - knife - 4 kitchen appliances And also imitation of products: - orange - tomato - pear - apple - french fries - chicken egg -

With the set “Master Chef” the baby gets the opportunity to get acquainted with different ways of cooking, dream up, inventing different dishes, imagine himself as a chef. Colorful printing of the set provides for the presence of elements, cutting out which the baby will be able to complement the scenario of the game .

 Assembled size (LxWxH), :   75cm x 26cmx 82.5cm