76028 DC JL Darkseid Invasion


Barcode: 570201535393

76028 DC JL Darkseid Invasion

Lego Super Hero

Darkseid is causing mayhem in the city with his Hover Destroyer.

Join forces with the Justice League to disarm this dangerous invader before he demolishes Metropolis!

Help Cyborg hold the villain at bay using his stud shooter.

But beware of blasts from the Destroyer’s powerful cannonball shooter. Soar into battle with Hawkman and place Green Arrow at the controls of the cool Javelin spaceship.

Fire the shooter while Cyborg jumps to knock out the cannonballs.

Then activate the Javelin’s own secret Super Jumper to send Superman flying towards Darkseid and knock him off the Destroyer!  

Includes 4 minifigures with assorted weapons and an accessory: Superman, Green Arrow, Cyborg and Hawkman, plus a Darkseid figure

Hover Destroyer features a control platform for Darkseid and a cannonball shooter

Javelin spaceship features an opening cockpit to release bombs, shooter, rotating wings for flight and landing mode, rear compartment with secret Super Jumper function and translucent elements

Weapons include Green Arrow’s bow, Cyborg’s stud shooter and Hawkman’s mace

Super Jumper accessory included

Cyborg, Hawkman and Darkseid are all-new LEGO® minifigures and exclusive to this set!

Green Arrow minifigure features cool new decoration and is exclusive to this set

Avoid the Hover Destroyer’s cannon blasts

Place Green Arrow at the controls of the sleek Javelin spaceship

Dial up the super-jumping action with Hawkman or Cyborg

Age :   8 years - 14 years