774 Fairytale Princess Dressing Table


Barcode: 5905214972349

774 Fairytale Princess Dressing Table

Huge Fairytale Princess Dressing Table Chair Mirror

The girls' dressing table is a sensational gift idea for any little lady. This charming, colourful set is very aesthetically pleasing, yet ornate, which will allow every girl to feel like a princess.

The presented dressing table is an interactive toy. The door covering the mirror opens manually, and when the magic button is pressed, a magical melody and flashing lights appear. The advantages of this toy don't end there.

The dryer perfectly imitates a real, full-size object. The desktop has a pull-out drawer and special recesses on the top for storing small items included in the set. We are sure that these accessories will please the little girl, thus extending the possibilities of play. The size of the dressing table and stools is adjusted to the height of little girls, which makes the play very comfortable. The design of the toy is deceptively reminiscent of a design element found in every fairy tale princess' bedroom. The pink, very girly colouring will allow the toy to match the décor of almost any child's room.


The dressing table is equipped with a lot of elements, among others:

- stool,

- comb,

- flacons,

- hair dryer,

- beads,

- bracelets,

- rings,

- lipsticks,

- hair elastics.

Dimensions of the largest elements of the set:

dressing table:

74 cm x 46 cm x 30 cm,

height of stool:

24 cm

Dimensions of the packaging:

72 cm x 56 cm x 16 cm

The toy has been designed with the youngest girls in mind and therefore it is made of certified and fully safe materials. The design of the dressing table and included accessories consists of eye-pleasing, streamlined shapes without sharp edges and beautiful, candy colours. The children's desk with a mirror is CE certified and suitable for all fashionable children over 3 years of age.