7891 Chicco Baby Senses Gift Set


Barcode: 8058664065110

7891 Chicco Baby Senses Gift Set

5 in 1 Set – This GIFT SET INCLUDES 5 Perfect Toy for your baby. It has a wide variety of playing possibilities for at home or on the go, and conventient peacefully on Walker or baby, BiOrb. The products in particular the promotes Baby Toddler development areas.

Fun teether – of the teether is two shapes and 2 colours. We have to the legs of a fox not flat packed. The Fox has a ring on the head and it is easy for baby to hold it. The elastic surfaces help stimulate the, babies rubber to calm and soothe. This teether brings good time for your baby during your teeth growing period.

Multi-functional plug-in ceiling – This safety blanket is made from 100% cotton from one side and super soft material of the other side. You will find a corner of the blanket is tied with a small Fox. Your baby can the Fox feet wie vacuum the nipple. A tiny bell is swirled into a the Fox. When shaken, it becomes Schlessert. All these design that will soothe and good time to your small cute and extra comfort for the daily use.

Fox rattle – there's a plastic ring that has a fox is engaged, and within the rings, there are many coloured beads. Ship can last a beautiful sound, when shaken. It It's also good for toddler Auditorische simulation. Colourful Spinnereien develop hand eye co-ordination and skills Your small will be süchtig, to see the shaker to shake and the beads up and down

Two kinds of spirals – there is a car seat flutes and a spiral, which was specially designed with A Mirror. Both can placed on top of car seat or cot. For The Car Seat one, you'll find a mixing spot/mixing Fox, Squirrel and a unique plastic D-ring which is attached to it. There is a BB Squirrel and a rattle inside the Fox. For The Other can be a mirror on the inside of the fox Magens there. A base of Fox A Squirrel and the other embraces a rattle