9172 Indominus Rex


Barcode: 503810409172

9172 Indominus Rex

Jurassic World plush soft toy.

This Indominus Rex is 22cm tall and makes a great toy for young children.

At first glance Indominus resembles a T-Rex, but Indominus has a distinctive head ornamentation and ultra tough bony osteoderms.

Very fearsome indeed. 

Other characters for the Jurassic World are also available and it is great fun to collect them all.

A. Blue Raptor
B. Indominus Rex
C.Yellow Raptor
D. Stecosaurus
E. Triceptor
F. Anklyosaurus
G. Red Raptor
H. T- Rex
J. Green Raptor

Type of Material: Plush 

Age Group: 12 Months & Up