99044 Volcano


Barcode: 841308299044

99044 Volcano

Understand how our Volcano System works.

The Volcano system is a great educational tool that actually lets you see how the Volcano System works, Making learning about it and understanding it so much simpler.

This kit demonstrates volcanic eruptions using simple chemicle reaction.

It is packed in a beutifully designed box.

Anyone interested in an erupting Volcanos will love it.

Included in this set:
You will find almost everything you need to form your own Erupting Volcano System:

1 Set-Up of an erupting Volcano System with Chemicals included;
The Chemicals are all harmless and some of the materials needed are in everyday use in the house;
Protection Glasses;

2 2XAA 1.5V Batteries (not included).

Included also:
A full colour booklet with instructions and fun science facts.

Age Group:  10 Years & Up


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