99647 Bloopies Mermaid Luna Doll


Barcode: 8421134099647

99647 Bloopies Mermaid Luna Doll

Bloopies Mermaids are the best bath time friends for kids! They come in an original design with pearly and shiny colours, a glittery mermaid tail and a personalised tiara and face decorations. They have soft plastic bodies so when you press their bellies they squirt water and blow bubbles! The details on their tail change colour in hot water and go back to the original colour in cold water! Each doll comes with a sea friend that also squirts water and has a glittery body. Twist apart for cleaning. Each sold separately.

Bloopies squirt water out of their mouth.

Bloopies make bath time fun!

Diver Bloopies are also available!

Watch Bloopies episodes online.

Twist apart for cleaning.

  • Size H25.5cm.
  • For ages 18 months and over.