DTV24 Blaze - Light Rider Stripes


Barcode: 887961364842

DTV24 Blaze - Light Rider Stripes

Someone's turned out the lights in axle city so its up to Blaze and the monster Machines to light up the night and save the day.

Each light Rider monster truck is equipped with chasing speed lights that illuminate through their translucent chassis when your child rolls them Your child can also race them through their specially designed tunnels that come with each vehicle With light riders.

Kids explore the STEM principle of illumination Illumination is when something is lit up like when you turn on lights in a room to make it brighter.

When a light Rider turns on his speed lights for a nighttime Stunt thats illumination your child can collect other light Rider vehicles and attach the tunnels to each other and to other Blaze track sets for more night racing action