FRM19 Barbie Ambulance & Hospital


Barcode: 887961628739

FRM19 Barbie Ambulance & Hospital

Barbie care clinic vehicle inspires endless storytelling play for young aspiring doctors

The playset can be easily transformed from a rolling ambulance to a fully equipped hospital on wheels

Features a three-room hospital setting: check-in stand with a swivel chair; waiting room with couch, fish tank and gift shop; exam room with x-ray machine

More than 20 additional accessories include medical equipment (such as adjustable bed, doctor's bag, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer)

Two casts and a pair of crotches, waiting room magazines and gift shop items like a teddy bear or balloon

Collect other Barbie dolls and toys to explore medical professions and more careers because when a girl plays with Barbie

She imagines everything she can become