FYK14 Mecha Shark Face Off


Barcode: 887961705560

FYK14 Mecha Shark Face Off

Mad, crashing and smashing action with Hot Wheels Monster Trucks and a mechanical shark

​Face-off and slam launch monster trucks by targeting the trophy to knock out opponents

​First truck to land inside the trophy wins and the others become shark bait; a fun toy for ages 4-5 and older

​Kids will enjoy when Mecha Shark is activated when their monster trucks land in the trophy and trip the button; if a truck lands without triggering the shark, there's a chance to knock them out

​Includes a Mecha Shark Face-Off playset and 2 Hot Wheels monster trucks, a racing truck and break-apart Crash Recruit vehicle

​Unleash young imaginations and supercharge their self-expression through play