G1155 Scalextric: Batman VS Joker


Barcode: 5055286669637

G1155 Scalextric:  Batman VS Joker

The Caped Crusader takes on the Clown Prince of Crime himself in this Batman vs Joker Micro Scalextric set. Featuring 2 x character cars modelled on Batman and the Joker, this set features 4.08metres of track, with 9 track layouts which includes a loop-the-loop and half pipe.

This set is battery operated.

JUSTICE LEAGUE and all related characters and elements ©& TM DC Comics. WB SHIELD: ©& TM WBEI. (s..)

Space Required: 191cm x 132cm
Track Length: 408cm
Length (Inches): 160 ⅗
Scale: 1:64
Battery Requirements: 6 x AA