GRG93 Barbie Dream House


Barcode: 887961904123

GRG93 Barbie Dream House

The fully furnished Barbie Dream House is 109 cm high and 104 cm wide and offers endless fun with 10 indoor and outdoor play areas, customizable decor and more than 75 pieces to create stories!

The house includes a real elevator, a party room with DJ booth, a slide with pool on the second floor, a balcony with a movable hammock and a puppy play area with pool and slide.

Kids can design their own dream home: the grass and pool can be arranged in multiple ways on the first and third floors, and the slide fits in 4 different places!

Create the best adventures with realistic sound effects, 2 soundscapes, 3 songs, 8 light color options and 4 light settings, including day mode, night mode, party mode and mood lighting.

Enjoy the outdoors on the third floor balcony and roof terrace. Take your guests upstairs in the working elevator that fits 4 dolls or a Barbie doll in a wheelchair!