GYJ77 - Barbie Extra pop #8


Barcode: 887961973372

GYJ77 - Barbie Extra pop #8

When it comes to fashion, Barbie Extra dolls are 'more is more', with 15 pieces of clothing and fashion accessories, and an animal friend with its own accessories.

Barbie doll's extra-long curly blonde hair is tied in ponytails.

A fun and playful look shows her confident style with a shimmering pink varsity jacket with graphic patches and fluffy arms, teamed with a purple pleated skirt.

Barbie doll accessories include a rainbow backpack, fanny pack with fries, pink visor, sunglasses, pink leg warmers and black heels for personal expression and unexpected moments of storytelling.

The teddy bear is also delicious EXTRA and has roller skates, donut headphones, a popsicle and a small boombox!