03820 Butterly 14"


Barcode: 03820

03820 Bicycle 14" with Training Wheels.

Bright pink Flowers design Bicycle with chain pedal drive. Front and rear brakes.

Wheels having the diameter of 14 inches with chain cover for safety and cleanliness.  The seat is specially designed for more comfort.

2 Stabilizer wheels that can be removed when the child learns how to ride on 2 wheels.

The seat and the handlebar are adjustable in height to fit the length of the child.

Comes with 2 mud flaps, spoked wheels, rear carry basket for the doll and Flowers stickers all over the frame.  All of this make this bicycle very attractive.

Age Group:     4 - 6 years.

(The age group is only given for guidance to calculation and must not be considered as a rule. The stature of the child must be taken into consideration.)

All safety measurements were taken into consideration when this product was manufactured.  The Toy Manufacturing Company has worked in this business for more than 90 years and their long time experience has resulted in style and safety combined.