0831 Buddies

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Barcode: 890187000612

0831 Buddies 

A game that brings you closer to nature!

Learning Objectives:
To help the child learn about the Animal World-Mammals, Reptiles, Birds & Insects from diverse corners of the globe;
Creating an interest & awareness in the nature's creations;
Observing & understanding the world around us;
Discovering fascinating facts about the mighty Animal Kingdom.

The Play:
1. Shuffle and deal 2 cards each of all the three categories face down to each player. Place the remaining cards face down near the play board to form draw/discard piles.
2. On your turn, choose any one card from your hand to play. Ask the question on the card or give a selected statement aloud or show the Picture Card to the player on your left. Two things can happen: if the answering player gives the correct answer than he/she moves his/her pawn ahead the number of spaces stated on the card, but, if he she gives an incorrect answer, you move your pawn ahead the number stated on the card.
3. The first player to reach the finish will be the WINNER. You can land on it on your turn or an opponent's turn and exact count is not needed.

1. A multi-coloured Play Board;
2. 4 Pawns;
3. Three decks of 50 cards each multiple choice, believe it or not and visual;
4. A Sand Timer
5. Rules to play

Age Group 7 years and up

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