0828 Amazing Me

Creative Educational

Barcode: 890187000284

0828 Amazing Me
The exciting game where everybody's a winner.

Develop decision making skills
Enhance self-esteem & self awareness
Encourage independent thinking
Express thoughts & feelings imaginatively and clearly.
Explore & expand awareness of self, family & society.

A multi-coloured game board marked with different symbols representing 4 different categories/topics.
4 Play pieces & 1 Dice
168 Questions/situation cards (42 cards each of the 4 categories: Myself - My Family - My Friends - Tight Corners).
16 Category Headquarter Cards.

The Game:
Each player selects a coloured pawn (play piece) and place it on the space marked Start/Finish.  Players roll the dice, the highest goes first and the others take turns in clockwise direction.
Each player on his/her turn rolls the dice.  Starting from the centre point, the player moves the pawn along any path according to the number rolled on the dice.

The player's pawn lands either on a category space or category headquarter.  The neighbouring player picks up a card from the category as indicated by the symbol and asks the question.
The other players can further question the player by asking him questions like Why, Where, What, When, How etc. to get an elaborate answer.  Once the players are satisfied with the answer the player rolls the dice again and moves that many spaces.  If the other players are not satisfied with the answer, It's then the next player's turn.

If the pawn lands on the category headquarter space and the player answers correctly, he/she wins the Category Headquarter Card also.

With each dice roll, a move may be made in either direction along the path.  Backtracking a combination of forward and backward moves on one roll of the dice is not allowed.

Feel good about yourself and others.

Children start thinking independently, make decisions, practice co-operation, indulge in meaningful conversation and develop positive attitude in this game of self awareness.

Age Group:    6 years & up

Detailed rules for play are included in this pack.

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