1412 Beauty Fashion Styling Head


Barcode: 5905884457405

1412 Beauty Fashion Styling Head

Probably every little girl loves to come up with and create crazy hairstyles - often using products belonging to older sisters or moms. We have an interesting solution for this, so we present a perfect styling doll head. This toy will allow little girls to play the role of an excellent hairdresser and manicurist, creating amazing stylizations. A toy doll head will not only give the child a lot of fun, but also develop their imagination, creativity and a sense of aesthetics.

The doll combing accessory pack consists of:

- doll busts with beautiful blonde hair,
- hands prepared for painting nails,
- earrings,
- crowns,
- necklace,
- hair brushes,
- hair bands,
- nail stencil.

The doll decorated with lace sleeves was designed to implement all the ideas of kids in terms of fancy styling - hairstyle and nails. The toy head was made with great care, which can be noticed by paying attention to details. The beautiful face of the doll is covered with a delicate make-up, which is a great base for further treatments at the home hairdresser. The head of the doll is covered with thick blonde hair, perfect for learning how to properly pin hairpins, or make ponytails or braids. The doll has well-groomed hands that are put together, waiting for the girl to perform a manicure.

The head of the doll is designed for exercises in creating interesting hairstyles, which will guarantee all little girls long hours of fun. The doll will be a perfect surprise for children over 3 years of age who love to imitate their older friends, sisters or mother. The toy head is packed in a box with a transparent glass-case, it is made of attested and safe materials, has a CE certificate, making it perfect as a gift.

Doll Head Dimension:

- 26 cm x 21 cm

Size of the package:

30 cm x 26.5 cm x 14 cm