16561 Sports Car Robot Porsche


Barcode: 5905884450703

Building Blocks Vehicle Sports Car Robot Porsche 963 347 pcs.

The toy is a set of blocks consisting of an impressive 347 elements that allow you to create two different structures - a sports car and a robot. This is a great creative toy that encourages children to experiment and develop their construction skills.


The car is available in white, black and red, which gives it a dynamic and sporty look.
The set includes rubber tires that provide better grip and look very realistic.

The second construction option is a robot. The set allows you to assemble an interesting and interactive robot that can become a source of many creative games.

The robot can have different features and functions, depending on the child's imagination, which gives a lot of scope for experimenting and learning.
The set also includes an instruction manual that helps the child in the process of assembling both the car and the robot. This is a great opportunity to learn problem solving, patience and develop technical skills.

This toy is not only entertainment, but also a tool for learning and developing skills. It can be a perfect gift for children who like to construct, play with blocks and develop their imagination.


Set contents:

- 347-piece blocks

- user manual

- original box


Car dimensions after folding:

17,5 cm x 4,5 cm x 7,3 cm


Size of the package :

38 cm x 24 cm x 7 cm


It is CE certified and complies with the EN71 standard. The toy is intended for children over 6 years of age.