17212 Contortion Shield Dance


Barcode: 5905991000358

17212 Contortion Shield Dance

Contortion Shield Dance Arcade Mat Game


The main task in the game will be to maintain balance by standing on hands and feet on different colored areas of the mat. Contrary to appearances, it is not that easy in the close company of other players. The judge turns the arrow on the dial included in the set and indicates the color to which the foot or hand should be moved.

The mat will provide a lot of fun, during which you can improve your muscles, improve agility, flexibility and elasticity.


Game rules :

The players' task is to place an arm or leg (or more specifically, a hand or foot) on the field indicated by the clues. The field is occupied by the player who first occupied it.

Once you have made your move, you can no longer move. Only the referee can allow a player to move one limb so that another player can move his.

If all six squares of one color are occupied, spin the arrow again.

If the referee gives you an arm/leg and the color you are currently standing on, you must move to another square of the same color (if all are occupied, spin the arrow again).

If you rest on the mat with your elbow or knee, or fall on the mat, you are out of the game

The winner is the one who stays on the mat the longest.


Mat dimensions:

112 cm x 161 cm


Size of the package :

23 cm x 22 cm


The toy is intended for children over 6 years of age. The set is CE certified and complies with the EN71 standard.