320647 4 in a Row


Barcode: 1287770185727

320647 4 in a Row
The Classic Game of Counter Connections

Drop your counter in the slots and link four in a row to outwit your opponent !

Be the first to get four in a row but keep an eye on your opponent's moves.
Block them as soon as they have three in a row, as four in a row - up - across - or diagonally, wins the game.  If your opponent blocks you, it's time to think again...and quick!

The Game:
Twist the plastic pieces off the frame and safely discard the frame.  Use safety scissors if needed.
Assemble connect 4 and choose what colours to play with and have them stacked in front of you.
Take it in turns to drop a counter in the slots of the grid.
You need to keep trying to connect four of your counters up - down or diagonally while at the same time noticing the moves of your opponent so that you will block his move before it will be too late.
It is wise that sometimes you will put aside your strategy to block a winning move of your opponent.
The first to Connect 4 in a row wins the game.

Every win needs to be marked on the scoring wheel.

Use the quick release slider to empty the Connect 4 grid.  All the counters will land in the counter catcher.  Return the slider back into position, distribute the counters in the tray and off we go again for the next game of Connect 4.

The first player to win 5 games will be declared champion.

Age Group:     3 years +