26100 Happy Crab Pool


Barcode: 6941057420455

26100 Happy Crab Pool

If there's one thing you need this summer to get you through the hot sunny days, it's the Easy Set Happy Crab inflatable pool from Intex. Customized for all your needs, this inflatable pool will bring a touch of freshness to your garden and become the main source of all your distractions.

Feet in the water

This Intex-inflatable pool is perfectly suited for young children. The pool holds no less than 890 liters of water. The Easy Set Happy Crab accompanies children all summer, so they can fully enjoy the warm sunny days with their feet in the water

A pool that is both practical and robust

The Easy Set Happy Crab Intex inflatable pool is equipped with a liner of triple thickness that gives it a certain sturdiness. This makes the pool both practical and robust. The inflatable pool will give children hours of fun while keeping them cool. In less than 10 minutes you will have an inflatable pool ready for use. The Easy Set is very easy and quick to assemble - inflate, fill and enjoy!

Article code: 26100NP
Color: red
Gender: junior
Material: pvc
Diameter: 183 cm
Height: 51 cm
Recommended water depth: 41 cm
Capacity: 890 liters
Warranty: 2 years