0060 JD Gator HPX

Peg Perego

Barcode: 8005475323359

0060 JD Gator HPX

The John Deere HPX Gator was built to adventure across the fields in complete safety, with excellent grip and solid traction provided from the treaded wheels. It can withstand grass and turf, but it also stands out when given the smooth surface of a path or road where it can show off all of its 12v electric power!

The Gator has a 2-seater compartment which allows your child to share adventures and happy moments with other children. The John Deere HPX Gator is fitted with a solid, enormous capsizable trailer that can easily be tilted from the seated position. The trailer can hold and transport weights of up to 10kg! The trailer has a sideboard which can be opened, and the side handles make unloading the compartment easy and simple. This John Deere HPX Gator is able to be your child's companion for multiple years thanks to the movable seat and trailer which can be pushed back to provide more leg room.

The John Deere HPX Gator is simple and easy to drive. Once the accelerator pedal has been released, the pedal becomes a brake which will automatically and gently bring the vehicle to a stop, without jerking your child around. The Gator has 2 forward moving gears and a reverse. The second 'faster' gear also features a safety lock so children still learning to drive can't go too fast without supervision!

  • 12-volt rechargeable battery (Charger included)
  • Smart Pedal Technology
  • 2 Forward Speeds (3mph & 6mph) and 1 Reverse
  • Accelerator & Brake on the same pedal
  • Adjustable seats which can be altered as your child grows
  • Dump Bed holds up to 10kg
  • 2 Drinks Holders
  • Removable Key Ignition 
  • Transparent Windshield
  • Horn

Suitable for ages 3 years +