0094 Polaris Slingshot

Peg Perego

Barcode: 8005475371022

0094 Polaris Slingshot 2 Seater Car

Battery Operated 12v 12Ah 

Sport Riding on all terrain, the Slingshot has a futuristic design inspired by the famous Polaris makers in USA.

This car has a 12v/12Ah rechargeable battery and 2 x 230v motors which permits the driver to go on different terrains and manage unlevelled roads up to 17 degrees.

It has an FM radio and an input socket for an MP3 (not included).

It has a horn and 2 rear view mirrors which truly reflects the rear.

It has 2 security seat belts that can be adjusted according to the size of the driver and passenger. They might prove to be very useful should the car be capsized by abnormal driving.

The shape of the wheels will permit the car to be driven easily on tiles or on grass.

The seats are very comfortable and fit the driver and passenger of the Slingshot very pleasantly.

The foot pedal can serve as accellerator, and if let go will serves as brake to stop the car.