00997 Let's Find Out Who ?


Barcode: 8901870003745

00997 Let's Find Out Who ?

Children will have fun as they learn the correct use of “Who” question of ‘Wh’ question format and answer the questions by matching each of 27 sets of self-correcting match-ups.

The question ‘Who’ is used when we want to ask about a person or people.

The two cards of the match-ups have pictures drawn on them along with the text written in the form of question or answer.

This allows both the readers and non-readers to play the game.

The child is required to observe/read 27 cards one-by-one and match them with the corresponding answer cards.

This will increase the comprehension and verbal skills of the child and knowledge about 27 important professions.

The pack also contains an Activity Guide with activities to reinforce the language skills better

Age : 4 years +