0552 Maxi Excavator

Peg Perego

€199.00 €260.00
Barcode: 800547533962

0552 Maxi Excavator
Pedal Action

Robust plastic with chain drive.

Let your child enjoy the idea of being the driver of a heavy vehicle, while moving the earth and tipping it over in some other area
The front loader scoops, lifts and dumps from the driver's seat.

The control of the steering wheel and the scoop is what helps your child to be in control of the Excavator all the time.

The adjustable seat accomodates your child's growth.

This Excavator is made of durable plastic, with safety precautions taken while constructing the product.

Age Group:      2 years and up.

The size of the excavator when expanded to the maximum is 63.5 x 136 x 66.5cm

Made in Italy by PEG PEREGO.

For more than 50 years, Peg Perego has taken your children out and about.
Carriages for newborns, then strollers, then pedal and battery powered ride-on toys.

All Peg Perego products are manufactured according to the latest technological solutions, 
in observance of international safety standards.

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