0612 Story Telling 1

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0612 Story Telling 1

Step By Step Story Telling is a highly useful and fascinating series on fables.

An entertaining and exciting game to play with your child.

Learning objectives:
Language development:  The child will be able to describe each picture in a simple language and will learn new words.
Development of perception: The child will observe each card accurately and establish spacial relationship.
Logical thinking: The child will understand the concept of order and build proper sequencies.

What makes Story Telling so special?
It is specially designed to develop the child's visual discrimination skills.
Sharpens powers of observation, logical thinking and enhances vocabulary.
Bold, colourful, and attractive illustrations.
Sturdy, easy to handle pieces.
Big, spacious box for storage.

A set of 2 six step picture stories.
Listen to your child telling you the story.  Encourage him/her by listening to his/her stories.
Correct the child in a playful manner so that the child will see the fun in telling stories.

2 Six Step Stories - 12 Cards in all

Age Group 3+

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

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